Meet Dana

headshotThis year marks 7 years for me in the photography industry. Like many others, I was inspired by my own children when I started this journey, and my love of babies, connections, and art has kept me here! I focus on newborn, babies, children and families, and shoot all over southwestern pa! I am a mom to three boys and one puppy–none of which listen to a word I say, but I wouldn’t change them for anything!

Some fun facts about me: I love gummy candy–like so much that you would think I was 12 years old! Exercise keeps me sane. Seriously–lord knows where I would be without some kind of outlet!  I tend to take on too much. I find that I do better when I am just on the edge of falling off the other end. I am super laid back, and I make up my mind right away. I always go with my gut and never look back. I am passionate about supporting small businesses and keeping things as local as I can!

In 2016, my husband and I joined focuses to fulfill another dream of mine. I am passionate about encouraging people to make sure that there images do not die on their harddrives in this digital era! Be sure to check out Wild Orchid Woodworking and Design to find creative solutions for displaying your artwork!