Meet Dana

This year marks 12 years for me in the photography industry! Like many others, I was inspired by my own children when I started this journey, and my love of babies, connections, and art has kept me here! I focus on newborn, babies, children and families, and shoot all over southwestern pa! I am a mom to three boys, one dog, and one cat.

Some fun facts about me: I love gummy candy and coffee!  Exercise keeps me sane. Seriously–lord knows where I would be without some kind of outlet!  I tend to take on too much. I find that I do better when I am just on the edge of falling off the other end. I am super laid back, and I tend to follow my gut with my eyes only pointed forward. I am passionate about supporting small businesses and keeping things as local as I can! I also love printed artwork and love to see my artwork printed and displayed largely on customers’ walls!

Belle Vernon, PA